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What is ChewApp?

We’re a collaborative marketplace that matches requesters (Kee Chew) who needs help with daily errands (eg. order food), with willing hands (Soon Chew) who are nearby to buy and/or deliver the request.


Why/Who should use ChewApp?


Requester (Kee Chew)

Request for any help (eg. buy food) from anywhere! Raise your hand (Kee Chew) to order and get food delivered to you.


Willing Hand (Soon Chew)

Helps to run errand (eg. deliver food) for Kee Chew and can offer to deliver other requests along the way. Make some money while you are on your own errands!


How it works?

Sign Up

ChewApp is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Sign up to request help (Kee Chew) or help run errands (Soon Chew) for others in the community.

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Kee Chew - Request and Order

Order food/ask for help by creating your own request or tag on to existing offers.

  1. Start a request or select offer from the community

  2. Accept the price offer from Soon Chew

  3. Your food/service will be on its way!

You can now get anything you want to your home!

Soon Chew - Offer and Deliver

Make some money by helping to run errands (eg. buy and deliver food) along your way.

  1. Pick one of the request or create your own offer. 

  2. Communicate to evaluate the delivery location/food items to buy and offer your desired price. 

  3. Once the offer is accepted by Kee Chew, fulfil the service/buy the food and make the delivery within the time agreed.

Now anyone can help hitch food/run errands!


Be Notified

Turn on push notifications in preferences setting to be notified whenever there is a new request/offer happening around you! Happy Chewing!


Ready to join the Chew Movement?


You may also join our telegram channel @ChewApp and group @ChewAppSG for firsthand news. Otherwise, stay tuned at our facebook page.


What our users say

Isa C.

Isa C.

Soon Chew

Delivered lunch for her friend

My friend asked me to deliver Long John Silver to him cause it is temporarily not available on another app. I live just right behind the mall, so i agreed and i got paid as well!

Sean T.

Sean T.

Kee Chew

Received his dinner from a wheelchair bound rider

Though this is a new app, I was surprised that my dinner delivery request was responded and delivered by an old aged wheel-bound person. This amazing smiley man shared with me that he found the app easy to use for earning extra income for himself.

Mick Y.

Mick Y.

Kee Chew

Requested for a last minute need of flour

I was surprise to hear that my Soon Chew travelled a long distance to deliver my flour on his electronic assisted wheelchair. I decided to give him tips as it has made my day and i wanted to thank him.

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