The answers you need to get started

How exactly does Chewapp works?

In simple term, Chewapp is a community platform for hitching such as food-hitch (facilitating food ordering and delivery).

Chewapp has no food establishment partner and does not hire people for delivery.

This means you can literally order food from anywhere and anyone in the community can help buy and deliver the food to you.

What differentiate Chewapp from the other delivery services?

Chewapp is a community-based collaborative platform. Whether it is a simple meal or something special, requester or "Kee Chew" puts up his request and any willing hand or "Soon Chew" in the community can come in to offer the service to food-hitch. There is no fixed food menu and food can be bought and delivered by anyone on demand.

Why should I switch to use Chewapp?

There are many reasons why you should start ordering through Chewapp.

  • You can order from any food establishment and there is no minimum order

  • Food prices are not marked up to subsidise commission/delivery fee

  • Support willing hands who are living in the community and help them to gain financial independence

Who are the Willing Hands or "Soon Chew"?

Soon Chew can be anyone living or working in the nearby community. They offer food hitch service to supplement their income or allowance. The profile of our Soon Chew include students, working adults, homemakers, retirees, people in between jobs and others. Most of these people are unable to commit to a rigid part-time or full-time job and Chewapp provided the flexibility. Soon Chew desires to achieve financial independence and Chewapp provides the platform to help them achieve this.

Who are the Requesters or "Kee Chews"?

Kee Chews live or work in the neighbourhood all around us. They may have difficulty to get their own food due to accessibility, circuit breaking, a sudden meeting or requires a special delivery for their loved ones. For busy working adults, Chewapp provided them the convenience to have their lunch delivered without having to leave their desk/meeting.

How do I qualify to be Willing Hand or "Soon Chew"?

Chewapp is a platform facilitating the matching of food requests to Soon Chews. Chewapp does not employ Soon Chew and joining the platform to deliver food as Soon Chew does not make you an employee of Chewapp. You must be at least 13 years of age. If you are below age the age of 18, you should consult your parents. If you have other employment, you should ensure that receiving remuneration for food delivery is allow by your employer and does not violate any law.

In addition, you need to have a bank account to receive your fees for digital payment. You should also be willing to pay for the food in advance.

You are required to maintain highest level of hygiene in terms of personal cleanliness and food delivering mediums (bag/car). Soon Chew are personally liable for the safety and hygiene of any food conveyed and delivered by them. All Soon Chews are required to declare on this when they offer a price.

Tell me more about payment and fees

Requester or "Kee Chew":

  • Adds a credit /debit card into your account for payment on the platform. (For digital payment only)

  • Pays food+delivery price which Soon Chew will offer, taking into account his/her opportunity cost (long queue, buying from several stalls, variety of food items etc)

  • Pays the service fee which includes the *platform maintenance fee and **third party service fee. (For digital payment only)

Willing Hand or "Soon Chew"​:

  • Adds a bank account to receive your fees. We aim to pay you within 10 days.  (For digital payment only)

  • Offer a price, taking into account your opportunity cost (long queue, buying from several stalls, variety of food items etc)

  • Purchase and pays for the food from location stated and/or as per communicated.

  • Deliver the food to location specified and/or as per communicated.

  • Collect the payment agreed.  (For cash on delivery only, highly discouraged due to situation involving COVID-19)

*Platform maintenance fee helps us to keep the app updated to have better and smoother experience.

**Third party payment gateway service charge are incurred for every card transaction and will be borne by the requester.

What is ChewPay?

ChewPay refers to the digital wallet and credit card payment within ChewApp. Essentially, It stores your earnings from your completed Soon Chew transaction.

When you opt for contactless delivery as a Kee Chew, you are paying using ChewPay which requires you to add a credit/debit card into your account. Soon Chew can also opt to receive contactless payment via ChewPay as a preference.

At the moment, the balance in your wallet is not able to be used for payment. To retrieve your earnings, you may cash out the wallet balance. Note that the cashout amount might be subjected to withdrawal charges, which includes bank charges for disbursement. As of now, there is a fee of 70 cents incurred.