Health Declaration

It's important to keep our community safe

Follow the health guidelines

Due to the current COVID-19 social distancing policies, we feel that it is important for us to encourage Requesters (Kee Chew) and Willing hands (Soon Chew) to practice safe distancing when interacting using ChewApp. Always check the latest guidelines from reliable government source such as the official telegram account or website.

We strongly encourage the Kee Chew to use digital payment as much as possible during this time. On top of that, Soon Chew may leave the food at the doorstep of the Kee Chew.

We understand that it is incredibly painful to be stuck at home during the circuit breaker, that's why we believe in contributing to the community and help one another. Stay clean, safe and happy chewing!

Get Serious on Covid-19

Covid is the virus that we just want to minus. Although it seems like too much to do, we must practice a few steps to ensure our Kee Chew and Soon Chew are safe.

1. Practice good personal hygiene

It is important to clean our hands or sanitise them whenever we are handling with food.

2. Check your temperature

At least two times everyday, you may like to let the other party know your temperature.

3. Avoid physical contact and be safe with your food

You may not need to come into contact with each other, use the chat function! Leave the food at the doorstep if possible. Don't use the disposables if you have utensils at home, and try to eat from your own bowls/plates.

If you are a Kee Chew and are on Stay Home Notice (or lagi worse home quarantine order), don't keep quiet lah! Be honest and let our Soon Chew know before the agreeing on a deal. If you are a Soon Chew and on SHN, please stay at home, theres always other days to soon chew.


We have a social responsibility to bear during this period. You may have heard of the #stayhomesavelives campaign in UK to protect the NHS, contrary to that Singapore healthcare system seems to be going strong. But that does not mean we can let our guards down.


How about "Be clean, stay healthy", because things different already but Singapore be steady! Your mother never teach you ah?