ChewApp Launches with #KeeChewSaveHawkers to Help Hawkers, Deliverers, Consumers

Updated: Apr 25, 2020


Singapore, April 24 2020 - ChewApp, a new local community marketplace, has been launched to facilitate transactions between requesters (“Kee Chew”) of delivery services (Food, Courier, Grocery etc) and deliverers (“Soon Chew”). Consumers can now look forward to the flexibility of toggling between being a requester or a deliverer, as well as having the autonomy of transacting at a price-point that both requesters and deliverers agree on in-app.

With an objective to create a fair and transparent marketplace, ChewApp imposes an up-front fixed platform fee that is chargeable only to requesters of the delivery service, and does not take a commission off deliverers.

As part of ChewApp’s launch campaign and an effort to #KeeChewSaveHawkers, the start-up is offering a $0 platform fee for the full period of the Circuit Breaker from our launch date, April 24 2020.

“For one, ChewApp hopes to help local hawkers and deliverers in the gig economy who may be struggling to cope with the high commission model prevalent in the food delivery market. In view of the circuit breaker situation, ChewApp has also worked to bring forward the launch date from Jun 2020 to April 2020.”
“ChewApp is designed for anyone who might be out to get something for him/herself and yet doesn’t mind helping someone else in the community run an errand along the way. ”

In view of the COVID-19 circuit breaker and social distancing, ChewApp users (deliverer) must fully comply with all government guidelines and restrictions (eg. contactless delivery).

About ChewApp

ChewApp is a collaborative marketplace that matches requesters (Kee Chew) who needs help with daily errands (eg. order food), with willing hands (Soon Chew) who are nearby to buy and/or deliver the request. Launched in April 2020, ChewApp was started with the objective of creating a fair and transparent community marketplace. Download the app for iOS or Android, visit for more information, or join our telegram channel for more information.

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